SG +*B Willow-Lane Tucker
(Top 15% USDA Sire Summary 08 & 09)
$100 for 5 Straws of semen

2007 and 2008 USDA Elite Sire, +135 Milk, +7.8 Fat, 92nd Percentile
2009 USDA Elite Sire, +140 Milk, +7.7 Fat, +5.4 Protein 93rd percentile
American Nubian
Born 4/23/01

SS: ++*B Fra-Jac’s Lord Alginon
-SIRE: SGCH ++*B Copper Hill Alginon's Breakaway
2000 & 2001 ADGA National Premier Nubian Sire
SD:SG Copper Hill Winter Beauty 11*M
LA 4-06 90 VEEE, Twice Top Ten Doe
DS:+*B GCH Capricorn Three Ti Excalibur
-DAM: Willow-Lane Destrie 5*M
DD: Willow-Lane Sabrina 4*M
Top Ten Doe

Tucker is an SG buck and was listed on the ADGA Elite Sire list in 2007, 2008, & 2009. He is positive for MILK, BUTTERFAT AND PROTEIN and listed in the 93rd percentile. He appraised VEE 89. Semen is available at Biogenics or at the farm.

Tucker's Dam, Destrie 1 yr old

Tucker's Dam, Destrie 2 yrs old

Tucker's Littermate sister, Daphne. 1 yr old.
2009 Appraisal Score 8 yrs old. EEEE 91