Why Goat Cheese

WHEN Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy first became a commercial operation in 2000 and became licensed to sell goat milk we did not sell raw milk BECAUSE: “The official position of the American Veterinary Medical Association is that all milk for human consumption should be pasteurized.” This position was proposed and accepted by veterinarians and is based on sound scientific facts that goats and cows no matter how healthy they appear can be shedding infectious zoonotic diseases that are contagious to humans in their milk.

At this time there were three other goat dairies in Utah along the Wasatch Front who were selling raw goat milk. So consumers who desired raw goat milk could patronize them.

Eventually all three of these goat dairies closed and consumers who desired raw goat milk did not have the option of buying state-inspected raw goat milk. After careful consideration we decided to sell state-inspected Grade A raw goat milk. We prefer that people get raw goat milk from us, rather than from a backyard unlicensed underground operation.

Since we started selling raw goat milk we have not had any problems. And we have received many testimonials from customers of how the raw goat milk has helped them. We also receive many testimonials from our customers who are helped by our pasteurized milk.

If you decide you want to purchase raw goat milk you must read the following raw milk education hand out and sign a liability waiver. Copies of this document are on the table at our farm store and you can fill it out and sign it the first time you purchase raw goat milk.

Click HERE to view/print our our Raw Milk Education Form/Liability Waiver

We are REQUIRED to have the following sign in our store:

Studies have established a direct causal link between gastrointestinal disease and the consumption of raw milk. Raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe.

And we are REQUIRED to place the following WARNING on the label of every bottle of raw milk.

“Raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe.”

It is the RESPONSIBILITY of our customers to research the pros and cons of consuming raw milk and to seek appropriate advice from their health care professionals. Information is readily available. Here are a few of the sources:


Information about the laws of the state of Utah and the rules of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food http://ag.utah.gov/ may be accessed at https://rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r070/r070-330.htm. Our dairy meets the standards for the category of “Packaged Raw Milk sold on Premise.”