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The original Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy is in West Jordan, Utah near the geographic center of Salt Lake Valley. In 1872 Edward Drake immigrated from Kent County England. In 1880 he purchased his farm. Today it is a designated historic Utah Century Farm. The Utah Century Farm designation is for farms that have been continuously operated by the same family for at least 100 years. Six generations of the Drake Family have farmed at this site in West Jordan, Utah.

In the 1970s Ron and Jeanette Drake decided to be the fourth generation to continue the tradition and to raise their family on this farm. In the 1980s their son Daniel got his first goat when he was thirteen years old. He had raised 4- H steers, pigs and chickens. He wanted to have an animal that he could handle by himself and that would have more personality than pigs or chickens. He had an excellent 4-H dairy goat club leader who taught him all about goats. Her passion was contagious. He started showing his dairy goats at the Utah State Fair. He has been fascinated with dairy goats ever since. Today he is a dairy veterinarian in California and owns and operates the Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy in Ontario, California as well as being a main partner in Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy Utah.

Ron and Jeanette raised eight children and have 24 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Five of their children were active with dairy goat projects in 4-H and FFA. The ADGA registered Willow Lane herd soon became known for excellent dairy goats at Regional and National Shows and in ADGA and DHIA performance programs.

In 2000 Drake Family Farms became a commercial operation licensed by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to sell goat milk, yogurt and cheese. Richard Drake became the herd manager for the goats in West Jordan, Utah.

The products produced by Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy in Utah are:

  • Raw Goat Milk which is available for purchase only at the farm store. According to our licensing arrangements with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food the customer must come to the farm to purchase raw goat milk.

  • Grade A Pasteurized Goat Milk is available at the farm store and at other retail stores in Utah.

  • Goat Milk Yogurt is available at the farm store and at other retail stores and Farmers’ Markets. Our yogurt is a natural European style yogurt. The ingredients are goat milk and cultures. We do not add starches, thickeners or sugars to our plain yogurt.

  • Goat Milk Cheese is available at the farm store and at other retail stores and Farmers’ Markets. At the present time we make chevre in seven varieties, raw milk mozzarella, feta and whole-goat- milk ricotta. Eventually we want to expand our artisan cheese making production and make some variations of the aged cheese that is made at our sister farm in California.

Drake Family Farms cheeses are both “farmstead” and “artisan”. “Farmstead” means made on the farm with milk exclusively from the farm’s own animals. According to the American Cheese Society, the word “artisan or artisanal” implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheese maker’s art, and thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese.

The secret to making the best cheese is to use only the highest quality milk. The best quality milk comes from happy healthy goats. All the goats have names and are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. We love our goats and give them a very high standard of care. Goats are like dogs with individual personalities and we consider every goat a pet. The herd consists of Nubian, Saanen, Alpine, and Snubian Goats. (Snubians are a hybrid cross between Saanen and Nubians).