Goats For Sale
Since we have two large herds we do offer groups of goats for export in Utah and California. It is best to export goats when they are about 4 months of age. At this age they are smaller and cost less to transport. We realize everyone wants to import pregnant does so they can get 2 or 3 for the price of one. But the shipping cost of export is very high and large pregnant goats are even more expensive to export. It actually is much less expensive to transport younger smaller does and include a young buck to breed your does to when they reach the appropriate age. Our goats for export cost $1,000 each. The shipping costs are variable and often exceed or equal the cost of the goat. It would not be uncommon to pay $10,000 for a group of 9 doe kids and 1 buck kid and then have to spend another $10,000 to have them shipped to you. These expensive shipping costs depend on a lot of factors including: the airline fees, transportation of the goats to the major Export airport, the cost of the shipping crates, Quarantine facility fees, the number of tests your country of destination requires, Official International Health Certificates, and Government endorsement fees. To determine these costs for your country of destination you need to get a bid from a licensed exporter here in the USA. Since these fees could exceed the value of the goats you should do this BEFORE purchasing the goats. Here are two exporters that we have worked with.