+B Clovertop's Even Motion
(AKA "Batu")
$150 for 5 Straws of semen

SS: *B Clovertop's P Andrew
SIRE: *B Singing Spruce CPA Promotion
SD: Singing Spurce Sun Petrelle 1*M

DS:+*B Clovertop's Ampherage
DAM:Clovertop's Evening Shade
DD: Clovertop's Shadowbox

Even Motion, known in our herd as "Batu" is a PUREBRED Saanen. We have a few purebred Saanen does and wanted a buck we could breed to our purebreds as well as our Americans. We are very pleased with what he has added to our herd. Even Motion’s herd name, Clovertop has historically produced many fantastic saanens. We have had great luck with the three Clovertop bucks we have purchased over the years. +B Clovertop’s Prime Shadow was such a great buck for rear udder attachments that we really liked the idea of adding Even Motion who is a maternal brother to Shadow. Batu has a particuarly nice head with a very wide muzzle and nose. He appraised FS 89 VVE. Batu consistently throws high wide arching rear udders, strong medials and strong lateral udder attachments We have semen available at the farm for 5/$100.

Five Even Motion daughters FROM FOUR DIFFERENT DAMS in the milking parlor with 12 hours of milk; R-L Willow-Lane Mindy, Willow-Lane Vandene, Willow-Lane Miko, Willow-Lane Reno, Willow-Lane Adeles.

Even Motion's Dam, Evening Shade

Shade milked out

Even Motion's Dam, Evening Shade
A limited amount of Even Motion semen is available at the farm, 5 straws for $100.